Laundry Day believes home is where you find inspiration, where you find calm, where you recenter yourself. We produce thoughtfully designed, unique, and playful smoking accessories that inspire intentional moments.

Discover Our Signature Chrome Collection

Laundry Day’s Signature Chrome Collection explores the unique materiality of Chrome.

Available in our core collection of smokeware accessories, this finish allows for an extraordinary experience as it plays with light and exists in a constant state of flux.

This sensation allows our Signature Chrome Collection to blend into your environment as it reflects colors and characteristics of surrounding objects while distinguishing itself with its notable metallic qualities. 


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Soundscapes by Laundry Day is a series of sonic explorations in collaboration with emerging artists and sound practitioners, released alongside a feature of their work and creative process. 

Composed of 45-60 minute sets, Soundscapes engages your auditory senses and explores sound’s capacity to guide your mood and enhance your surroundings. 

Immerse yourself in deep listening or simply enjoy each mix as a complimentary soundtrack to your atmosphere.

Volume 1 featuring NEW CHANCE streaming now on our


We have curated a selection of our favorite publications with a focus on art, design, home and culture. Complimentary to your Laundry Day experience or enjoyed on their own, we hope to encourage creativity, curiousity, and expand your POV.