Laundry Day believes home is where you find inspiration, where you find calm, where you recenter yourself.

We produce thoughtfully designed, unique, and playful smoking accessories that inspire intentional moments. Laundry Day’s emphasis on art and design contemplates the relationship between objects, ourselves, and our environments. In addition to our core collection, Laundry Day presents a selection of curated collaborations with independent artists and designers, which prompt explorations into experiential means of living.


Victoria Ashley is the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of lifestyle brand Laundry Day. 

With a distinct focus on visual language and carefully designed products, Victoria works alongside artisans, designers and fabricators to develop multi-use objects for the home. Her spacial sensitivity and commitment to simplicity and functionality were the catalysts behind the conception of Laundry Day in 2018. Working with intention to shift the narrative of cannabis use, Victoria explores the relationships between design, people, and the spaces they occupy. 

Laundry Day’s visual identity and direction of programming has shifted to match Victoria’s personal evolution. Inspired by cultural engagement, architecture and public spaces, this new direction reflects her passion for creativity and the importance of inviting innovation, engagement, and curiosity into everyday living. 

Irish-Canadian by birth, Victoria attended Fanshawe College before opening Merge workspace boutique in Tofino. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag, Apartment Therapy, Girlboss Podcast & Green Entrepreneur. She currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. 


We are inspired by the world around us. We pay close attention to our surroundings and place a distinct focus on reflecting our interests and visual language through carefully designed products and experiences. 

Our visual identity, packaging, and direction of programming have shifted to match the evolution of ourselves and the collective that we envision moving forward. Inspired by museum bookshops, gallery settings, and global art institutions, our new direction reflects our passion for creativity and the importance of inviting innovation and play into everyday living. 

With a fresh aesthetic we continue to base these choices around simplicity, functionality, and creativity. Laundry Day’s updated design choices allow our products to fit seamlessly into a variety of spaces, catering to a diverse range of customers.